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I am a London based photographer with a lifetime passion for light, its transformative nature,  for colour, shapes and patterns.

 I have a profound curiosity about my surroundings, always looking for the little detail, seeing things from a different point of view. 

Taking photographs is akin to meditation, everything becomes still and I am fully in the moment, at peace.

​I find  joy and balance in architectural forms whether in natural or built environments.

Maria Tejada completed a Diploma in Video Editing and Photography at Centro de Estudios de la Imagen in Madrid.

A photographic practice specialising in travel, architecture and portrait photography for professional and domestic applications.


"Shapes & Textures in Nature" 

The beauty of Suffolk at its best. 

December 2020  -

Pistachio & Pickle Coffee Bar

142 Liverpool Road 

London N1 1LA 


A Journey, not a Destination"

30 November 19 to 31 January 20

Pistachio & Pickle Coffee Bar

142 Liverpool Road 

London N1 1LA 

 "Altered Reality" 

22 August to 31 October 18

Pistachio & Pickle Coffee Bar

142 Liverpool Road 

London N1 1LA

"Art in the Attic" Mixed Show  -  March 17

Square Gallery London Battersea Square | SW11 3RA

 " Another Point of View"

October 17 to Jan 18 

Lumen Cafe | 88 Tavistok Place WC1H 9RS | London 

"The Ghost of Harry Mafuji" Xmas Event -

2nd December 16  to 21st January 17

Mixed exhibition @CANAL   - London

"Summer Heat in Castilla"  

December 16 to January 17

Bar de Blas -  C/ La Puebla 29 | Burgos | Spain

"Queering the Canal" Event - Mixed exhibition - June 16

CANAL   - 60 De Beauvoir Crescent | London N1 5SB |

London "Nature v Nurture"  -  

November 15 -   February 16 

Body & Mind Centre  -  Sainsbury's HQ - London